AMVtech during these years registered a growing success acqiring a technical experience and know-how of first level.
Power and experience make AMV tech a solid and dynamic reality able to face market required challenges.

is specialized in manufacturing of plants for production in different sectors like: textile, plastic material tranformation, material transportation, packaging.


AMV tech can manufacture on customer's require, through internal design service, managed by tridimensional CAD system. Maximum reserve and product ononess is guaranted. Besides technical department is always disposable to study different solutions to various customer's require.

AMV tech puts at your disposal its pluriannual experience in different sectors of production, it's always in continous search and developmenr of new technology which allows to build products always in the van.

AMV tech offers besides the possibility to overhaul old plants or machinery weither machanically or electronic.
All in observance of machine safety law in force as per directive 2006/24/CE, AL D.LGS. 71/2010.